ReFlow Medical, announced the issuance of U.S. Patent No. 9,204,893 entitled, “Systems, Methods, and Devices for Ablation, Crossing, and Cutting of Occlusions” which covers a key differentiating feature for its innovative Wingman crossing catheter technology.

The ReFlow family of peripheral and coronary crossing catheters are designed with a unique extendable bevel tip, and used in conjunction with steerable guidewires of the physician’s choice to enable rapid, routine, off-the-shelf lesion crossing.

ReFlow Medical recently announced an exclusive U.S. distribution agreement with Maquet Medical USA for the peripheral line of catheters. "This marks an important milestone for our company," says Isa Rizk, president and CEO of ReFlow Medical, Inc.

"This granted patent helps protect the intellectual property of the company and further supports the differentiation of our product lines."

The ReFlow Medical product portfolio was also recently expanded to include the Wingman18 Crossing Catheter.

ReFlow Medical, Inc. is a private company focused on empowering physicians through the design and development of innovative and cost-effective technologies for cardiovascular disease.

ReFlow is developing a family of products to treat the peripheral and coronary vasculature.