DelRx has proprietary platform drug delivery technology for transmucosal administration of large molecule drugs as a liquid dispersion, e.g., peptides like insulin, monoclonal antibodies, hormones, vaccines and other proteins as well as homeopathic formulations.

These macro-molecular drugs cannot be administered orally and are injected, usually with a needle and syringe or by intravenous infusion.

If DelRx’s oral drug delivery technology provides comparable clinical efficacy to injections, then this has the potential to offer significant improvements in the quality of life (pain free, needle free therapy), with reduced side effects for diabetics and other patients.

CEO Kelly Hickel said that they have been nurturing this program for some time and were very pleased to sign this license agreement.

“The DelRX delivery platform will enable a product line extension for TheraBiogen allowing them to meet consumer preferences for nasal or oral delivery,” Hickel said.