Raumedic has entered into a partnership and distribution agreement with Woke Medical for Neurovent neurosurgical catheters.

The deal is for the exclusive distribution of Raumedic’s Neurovent neurosurgical catheters in China over the next years.

Neurovent measuring catheter has been developed to be used in neurosurgery to monitor epidural, parenchyma and ventricular measurements in the brain.

The measurement will be taken by connecting the device with a cable or with the help of telemetry.

According to the company, the single catheter can combine up to three measuring functions, including, intracranial pressure (ICP), intracranial temperature (ICT) and oxygen partial pressure (ptiO2).

The company also produces multiple accessories, which are used to implant the catheters, document and analyse the measured results, as well transfer the measured results to all common patient monitors in neurosurgery.

Raumedic clinics division manager Ingo Bartels said: “Through the targeted use of Raumedic probes for pressure, temperature and oxygen partial pressure in the brain, severe complications can be averted for the patient.”

Raumedic CEO Martin Bayer said: “With the concluded contract between Woke Medical and Raumedic, we will participate in one of the fastest growing and largest markets in the world with our NEUROVENT catheters”,

 “Last spring we opened our new US headquarters in North Carolina, where we realized our concept, ‘local business to local people’. On the basis of this contract, we can now also implement this concept in China.”

Image: Raumedic CEO Martin Bayer and Woke Medical CEO Tiger Zhang signed distribution agreement for Neurovent catheters. Photo: courtesy of RAUMEDIC AG.