Cadisc- L is intended to treat degenerative disc disease of the lumbar spine, a debilitating condition causing severe back & leg pain which seriously impairs the lives of millions.

The CE mark approval was received following a review of the multi-centre European clinical study and its extensive portfolio of biocompatibility and biomechanical testing.

Ranier Technology CEO Geoffrey Andrews said that the achievement of the CE mark for their Cadisc-L lumbar disc product is a very significant milestone in the history of Ranier Technology.

“It will allow us to implement our plans for full commercialisation of the Cadisc-L technology in European healthcare markets, bringing relief and a transformed quality of life to thousands currently suffering from debilitating back pain,” Andrews said.

“Having met both prospective patients, and recipients of Cadisc-L, I know that there is a great unmet clinical need that Cadisc-L can be highly successful in addressing.”