Geisinger Health System, an integrated health service organization,has purchased Mazor Robotics' Renaissance surgical guidance system,designed for spine procedures.

Geisinger Health System orthopedic surgery department chairman MichaelSuk said the Renaissance system has proven to provide patients with scoliosis significantly better outcomes from procedures that result inshorter hospital stays, quicker recoveries and reduces intraoperativeradiation exposure.

"The exceptional precision and safety of the Renaissance system is adrastic improvement over freehand surgery, and it will help patientsfeel even more confident in the high-quality care they receive at Geisinger, especially during complicated spine procedures," Suk added.

Geisinger Health System fellowship-trained pediatric orthopedicsurgeon Meagan Fernandez said patients can rest assured knowing that they are receiving the correct scoliosis treatment that is unavailable anywhere else in the region.

"The technology behind this system has been rigorously tested, and theresults have been remarkable in terms of a patient’s recovery time andthe eventual end result," Fernandez added