RainDance Technologies has developed methods to manufacture microdroplet-based smart consumables for high-throughput targeted DNA sequencing applications, in collaboration with Sony DADC.

The partnership facilitates RainDance to further leverage Sony DADC’s advanced microstructure engineering and high-volume manufacturing expertise.

The smart consumable developed through this partnership is the HeatWave TS chip, which enables researchers to analyze two samples simultaneously using RainDance’s new ThunderStorm System, which can handle 96 samples per run and create as many as 2 million microdroplet-based PCR reactions per sample.

RainDance said the new HeatWave TS chip supports all of its applications available for the ThunderStorm System including targeted and ultra-deep cancer mutation detection, the company’s line of genetic research screening panels such as ADMESeq, ASDSeq, ONCOSeq, XSeq, and HLASeq.

RainDance Technologies Operations senior vice president Roch Kelly said their customers can now process samples faster, easier and more cost-effectively than ever before.