Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego, US, has selected Toshiba America Medical Systems' Infinix CF-i bi-plane vascular X-ray system for use in the treatment planning and interventional cardiac procedures including balloon dilation, stents, valves and cardiac device implantations.

Infinix-i system includes a five-axis positioner and the Access Halo, which allows for unrestricted head-end patient access to facilitate advanced, complex procedures with ease.

The system, when combined with the company’s proprietary next generation Advanced Image Processing (AIP), provides improved visualization, helping clinicians more quickly and accurately diagnose and treat patients, claims the company.

Rady Children’s Hospital pediatric cardiology director Dr John Moore said the fast 3D image reconstruction speed offered by Infinix-i is beneficial for pediatric interventions, especially when viewing the pulmonary artery during cardiac procedures.

"Additionally, exams are much faster due to the system’s flexible design and unrestricted access, resulting in less anesthesia administered," Moore added.

Toshiba XRVL business unit market development senior manager Allan Berthe said during pediatric interventions, the Infinix-i’s hovercraft-like C-arm guides physicians into the most complex imaging angle without repositioning the patient.

"Infinix-i’s design, system mechanics and tableside dose reduction features allow the physician to see, move and work better," Berthe added.