Quick-Med Technologies, Inc. announced today that it has received clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration to market and distribute its patented NIMBUS barrier gauze wound care dressings. This represents the first FDA clearance for NIMBUS – an innovative technology that is so unique and cutting edge that it was put through FDA’s De Novo process, a special clearance program for medical devices that are found to be “not substantially equivalent” to any predicate device. What makes NIMBUS-treated gauze different from other antimicrobial dressings are its permanent bond and its ability to be effective even in the presence of large amounts of serum and exudate. The active agent is permanently bonded to the gauze, keeping the biocide from depletion, while killing microbes (such as MRSA, VRE, and many others) that are drawn into the absorbent dressing. NIMBUS permits the control of microbes without leaching any material into the wound bed, thus eliminating the associated interference with the wound-healing process. Being bound in the dressing keeps the antimicrobial at full strength; test results show that even in 90% serum, NIMBUS gauze continues to kill microbes outperforming other antimicrobials. Anticipating FDA clearance, Quick-Med has already licensed NIMBUS gauze for marketing in the United States and Canada to Derma Sciences, Inc., a leading provider of advanced wound care products. Derma Sciences’ CEO, Ed Quilty, recently characterized NIMBUS as representing “the first real fusion of traditional and advanced wound care technologies.” Derma Sciences and the Company expects the product to launch in spring, 2009. NIMBUS will bring safe, affordable, highly effective barrier protection to the $14 billion global wound care market which is projected to continue rapid growth for the next several years primarily due to the aging population. The Company is actively negotiating with other medical device manufacturers for application of NIMBUS to other substrates.