Quick-Med claimed that Nimbus Advanced Active dressing has broad applicability to all classes of wounds including difficult to treat thermal and chemical burns, and provides a moist wound healing environment with non-leaching antimicrobial protection.

Quick-Med has developed Nimbus Advanced Active as part of its ongoing research which is currently being funded by the US Army Medical Research and Material Command under a $900,000 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant.

Quick-Med’s Nimbus Advanced Active has showed improvement in wound healing in in-vitro experiments with chemically injured human tissue.

Jerry Olderman, vice president of R&D at Quick-Med, said: “Preliminary findings of the in-vivo animal studies demonstrate that Nimbus Advanced Active can combine actives and control their release to enhance wound healing. These agents can perform additional functions without diminishing the dressing’s antimicrobial performance.

“Nimbus Advanced Active is the ultimate multi-functional dressing, with applicability for acute and chronic wounds. Its multiple agents will aid wound healing of many types of acute and chronic injuries. We look forward to receiving the final report on the animal study confirming the results of its healing capabilities.”

Quick-Med Technologies is a life sciences company focused on developing proprietary, broad-based technologies for infection prevention and control in the consumer and healthcare markets.