QuantuMDx Group has received license for Nanosys' nanostructures including nanowire and nanotubes to use in its biosensors.

As per the agreement, QuantuMDx has received rights for the use of nanostructures for DNA sequencing and detecting nucleic acid biomarkers associated with disease.

QuantuMDx also will have access to Nanosys’ nanowire composition, synthesis and use patents, along with its proprietary molecular biology, chemistry and microfluidic technologies in a series of portable devices.

QuantuMDx said it will also use nanowire and nanotubes in field effect transistors (FETs) biosensors.

As a result, Nanosys will receive an upfront license fee and downstream royalty payments.

QuantuMDx Group CEO Elaine Warburton said rapid and sensitive disease detection and DNA identification, performed at the point of care will revolutionize care pathways in the developed world and open up a new standard of diagnosis.

"QuantuMDx Group is meeting this health challenge and is developing several low cost assays on our hand-held point of care device including multi-drug resistant infectious disease testing and companion diagnostics for accurate drug prescription," Warburton said.