Pete Martinez, Quantum Senior Vice President and Chief Technology & Innovations Officer, leads the team responsible for the development and innovation behind PWeR. “We are at a key moment in the transformation of this industry as methodologies such as cloud computing become more prevalent. Shared access to patient information by the entire care team results in a much more comprehensive patient record readily available whenever and wherever it is needed. Cloud computing makes that possible and our patent ensures that even when there is severe competition for Internet bandwidth, we can provide continuous availability and responsiveness to the user. In particular, the system could detect and prioritize critical medical

information over less vital billing or inventory transactions to assure effective operation even in a congested environment.”

Most electronic medical record (EMR) applications capture patient data and only retain it in the computer of the recording physician or hospital. PWeR is architected as a system incorporating multiple applications which include EMR, practice management, billing, e-Labs, e-Prescriptions, disease management, medical home (CMS tier 3 qualified), messaging, kiosks and many other key functions. EMR is simply one application in this comprehensive system. The cloud computing model of PWeR facilitates the entire healthcare delivery process.

PWeR stands for Personal Wellness electronic Record. EMR solution is a new breed, intelligent healthcare information platform that hosts medical records and permits interactive use. Medical records will follow the patient, giving every healthcare provider that sees a particular patient access to all the information needed to assist in their diagnosis and treatment plan. Providers can access a patient’s entire medical record at one glance. Patients can look back over physician instructions or track their wellness progress. In critical situations or in providing treatment to PWeR patients, hospitals are enabled to access full medical histories and make educated treatment decisions based on accurate data.