Quanterix has developed a method to detect individual proteins within microfabricated polymer arrays.

Recently, Quanterix has partnered with Sony DADC to develop and manufacture ‘smart consumables’ which are based on an optical disc format.

Quanterix Research vice president David Duffy said these consumables are manufactured using high precision and high volume manufacturing processes, and will be at the heart of the SiMoA instrument that they are currently developing.

"By using arrays enclosed in microfluidic channels we are able to perform SiMoA in a fully automated fashion," Duffy said.

"The devices will help in high throughput and sensitive detection of biomarkers, and address important applications in life science research and in vitro diagnostics."

Quanterix chairman and CEO Martin Madaus said the company expects to introduce the life science instrument in 2013, followed by an in vitro diagnostic (IVD) platform to be marketed in 2014.