A key element of this portfolio is the QIAseq FastSelect RNA Removal Kit which provides a novel solution for scientists to target RNA types that are irrelevant to their research and remove them from RNA-seq libraries for next-generation sequencing (NGS). The global market size for library preparation kits for RNA-seq is believed to be about $400 million.

In addition to a highly competitive and differentiated line of RNA-seq solutions, several other Qiagen solutions for accurate, efficient NGS will be showcased at ASHG 2018, the conference of the American Society of Human Genetics from 16 and 20 October in San Diego.

In addition, more than 15 studies relying upon QIAseq solutions, the GeneReader NGS System and other Qiagen Sample to Insight products will be presented in ASHG 2018 scientific sessions, demonstrating the unique positioning of Qiagen in this rapidly growing market of next generation sequencing.

Qiagen life sciences business area senior vice president Thomas Schweins said: “The QIAseq FastSelect RNA Removal Kit allows rapid selective removal of RNA classes from any sample, even the most difficult FFPE samples, enabling researchers to attain high quality, reproducible RNA sequencing results while at the same time minimizing time requirements and cost. The QIAseq Fastselect RNA kit can accomplish in one simple workflow step what current RNA sequencing library preparation solutions achieve in over 30 steps.

“By using a range of proprietary, novel technologies, the QIAseq FastSelect RNA Removal kit therefore radically simplifies and speeds up RNA removal. Off-the-shelf options include rRNA or globin mRNA removal, while custom RNA removal solutions for selected transcripts can be designed by QIAGEN.”

Source: Company Press Release