US-based medical products company Abaxis and optical biosensor company LamdaGen have entered into research and development collaboration for integrating LamdaGen's high-sensitivity Plasmonic ELISA technology on the Abaxis’ Piccolo and VetScan rotors.

Based on localized surface Plasmon resonance (LSPR), LamdaGen’s patented biosensor platform provides rapid, quantitative diagnostic results with broad dynamic range and detection levels in the femtomolar range.

Abaxis CEO Clint Severson noted the company believes that LamdaGen’s technology will provide a unique opportunity for Abaxis to integrate a high sensitivity immuno-based system onto the companys’ existing rotor-based platforms.

"This would allow us to provide both our existing clinical chemistry menu together with a wide range of high-sensitivity immunoassays, all within the scope of our present designs.

"If proven viable, both medical and veterinary customers will be able to simultaneously analyze for chemistry parameters as well as for infectious disease, hormones and a wide range of other markers on the same rotor.

"The ability to unify both diagnostic systems onto our existing rotor will greatly expand Abaxis’ global diagnostic offerings," Severson added.

LamdaGen CEO Randy Storer said: "Abaxis is a leader in the POC industry, and we are very excited to collaborate with them in shaping the future of diagnostic testing."

Currently, the system feasibility testing is in process.