QHSLab has entered into a strategic partnership with Medical License Factory for its AllergiEnd allergy diagnostic and allergen immunotherapy products and clinical decision support digital health services.

QHSLab, earlier known as USA Equities Corp, acquired the method patent, trademark and website associated with AllergiEnd’s diagnostic and allergen immunotherapy product portfolio from MedScience Research Group in June last year.

Medical License Factory will ease coordination between QHSLab and its network of physicians and provide administrative, medical billing, recruitment, marketing, and promotional support for the new partnership.

QHSLab and Medical License Factory have similar objectives and strategies for assisting doctors with the services required to enhance clinical outcomes, organise practice operations, boost revenue, and offer affordable solutions.

Medical License Factory has more than 10 years of expertise in areas like medical licencing, hiring, quality control, medical billing, human resources, and healthcare marketing assistance.

Despite market volatility, QHSLab provides doctors with a steady stream of income with services that are in high demand and will always be clinical needs.

Together with Medical License Factory, QHSLab will assist small medical practices in overcoming the effects of the healthcare worker shortage, growing business costs, and inflation.

QHSLab CEO Troy Grogan said: “Today’s announcement is further evidence of our continued progress and momentum as we expand our independent medical provider practice network.

“The growing adoption of AllergiEnd’s allergy diagnostic services and allergen immunotherapy products reflects the attractiveness of our patient-centred tools and income-producing services for medical practices.”

Grogan added: “Our services proactively address chronic diseases, provide preventive care, and enable the broad market of general practitioner physicians to expand their practices and reimbursement base, especially in times of rising interest rates, inflation, and labour costs.

“Discovering a corporate partner like Medical License Factory that genuinely enhances, compliments, and expands existing service offerings is a rare and exciting next step in today’s healthcare industry.”