BioMedical Enterprises (BME) has introduced its new Speed Triad Nitinol bone fixation implant, which has been designed for distal first metatarsal osteotomies.

Speed Triad is claimed to be the world’s first superelastic shape memory bone fixation system with three legs for stable and six-point fixation.

Its patented design allows surgeons to achieve continuous compressive fixation of osteotomies performed to address mild to moderate bunion deformities.

The Speed Triad implant is said to available in multiple configurations for both medial and dorsal placement along the distal first metatarsal.

BME president and CEO Keith Peeples said: "The Speed Triad, in combination with the Speed Arc, is part of the most comprehensive Nitinol Fixation System to successfully address the problem of bunion fixation.

"We continue to raise the bar for cutting-edge, effective, and simple fixation solutions for extremity surgeons."

The new product is available for commercial use across the US.

BME develops orthopedic shape memory implant technology for small bone fixation and produces Nitinol metal implants for musculoskeletal and soft tissue fixation.