Pyng Medical, a provider of trauma and resuscitation products for critical care personnel, has launched E-MAT - an emergency medical tourniquet for the emergency medical services (EMS) market.

The E-MAT features a bright, EMS orange color which sets it apart from its surroundings and making it noticeable at an accident scene.

With its new color, the E-MAT contains all the features of the original MAT.

Pyng Medical claims E-MAT provides easy application, even to trapped limbs, and complete blood flow occlusion can be achieved in under 30 seconds.

Pyng Global Sales and Marketing vice president Nadine Siqueland Gaston said this new bright color will make it easy to see that a tourniquet has been placed on a patient.

"The E-MAT offers first responders a simple solution to stop severe extremity blood loss, allowing them time to asses other injuries," Gaston said.