PULSION Medical Systems, a life-science corporation providing medical diagnosis and therapy systems, has received CE marking for the new patient monitoring technology PulsioFlex.

PulsioFlex represents next to the PiCCO2, a second but smaller PULSION monitoring platform, targeting patients in the emergency department or the operating room.

The flexible availability of the different monitoring technologies by just changing modules creates the ability to always use monitoring with one device that is tailor-made for the patient and at the level of severity of his or her disease.

PULSION claims that the flexibilty also allows marketing of the PulsioFlex as a stand-alone monitor for one of the PULSION monitoring technologies the CeVOX and LiMON devices will be completely replaced.

The integrated ProAQT technology allows using standard radial artery access for minimal-invasive hemodynamic trend monitoring, especially in perioperative medicine.

PULSION Medical Systems CEO Patricio Lacalle said the introduction of new flexible monitoring platform PulsioFlex adds another piece to complete product portfolio to enable doctors and medical professionals to use comprehensive and individualised monitoring of the critically ill patient in any situation.

"We are going to expand this tessellation further in the near future to ease and speed up therapeutic decision making for the sake of our patients," Lacalle said.