Wellness Center USA announced that wholly-owned subsidiary Psoria-Shield has received a purchase order from Smart Company, its distributor in Mexico, for 20 Psoria-Light systems.

The purchase order is pending Smart Company’s receipt of clearance to sell in Mexico, a process expected to complete in December of 2013.

Smart Company will install the units into hospitals and private treatment centers throughout Mexico. Delivery of units is expected to begin in the first quarter of next year.

Psoria-Shield founder and CEO Scot Johnson said Smart Company is an ideal choice for a partner in Mexico.

"They’re embedded into the Mexican medical community, and have been successful in both routine medical device sales as well as newer, latest-tech devices that require new branding and significant market development," Johnson added.

"The order, valued at over $700,000 USD, is the largest single purchase order for the company to date."

Wellness Center USA CEO and chairman Andrew J Kandalepas said the company is proud to watch its subsidiaries grow.

"Their technologies and services are finding new spaces and applications in both the domestic sectors and now internationally," Kandalepas added.

"We expect to continue to report growth in the months to come."