US-based digital health care provider, Proteus Biomedical and UK community pharmacy chain Lloydspharmacy have formed a strategic alliance to commercialize and launch Helius, a digital health product focused on consumers and family caregivers.

Helius will provide assurance and peace of mind to individuals struggling with complex medication regimens and health issues, and to connect these individuals to the family, friends and professionals caring for them.

Under the agreement with Proteus, Lloydspharmacy will launch Helius in the UK and sell the system through selected pharmacies.

Helius integrates sensor-enabled tablets, a sensor patch worn on the body, an advanced mobile health (mHealth) application and information service, and Lloydspharmacy’s current medication adherence packaging, to help monitor when medications have been taken and also provides additional patient information such as sleep patterns and physical activity.

Lloydspharmacy Healthcare Services Director Steve Gray said the company is committed to improving positive health outcomes for patients and the Helius system is an exciting development which takes the current medication adherence offering to a whole new level.

Proteus is developing and commercializing a variety of digital health care products in partnership with global leaders from multiple industries, including Novartis, Medtronic, ON Semiconductor, Kaiser Permanente and Lloydspharmacy.