Protectus Medical Devices has signed a three-year manufacturing agreement with Moll Industries to provide injection molded plastic manufacturing services for the Protectus Safety Syringe.

The Protectus Safety Syringe is the fully automatic, self-sheathing safety hypodermic syringe that currently meets all US Federal Government and OSHA mandates designed to protect both healthcare workers and patients alike. It is designed to significantly reduce or eliminate accidental needlestick injuries that have plagued the healthcare workplace for decades.

John Salstrom, president and CEO of Protectus Medical Devices, said: “This is a major milestone for Protectus Medical Devices and is a critical step in creating the infrastructure for moving the company forward. I am pleased to report that we have completed our negotiations with Moll Industries and have signed a comprehensive manufacturing agreement for the production of the Protectus Safety Syringe.

“As one of the premier plastic molders in North America, Moll Industries will be able to support us through the various phases of our manufacturing process as we look to ramp-up production of the Protectus Safety Syringe and introduce the device to hospitals and healthcare institutions across the country and, eventually, worldwide.

“We believe that Moll’s extensive knowledge of injection molding, and specifically their expertise in manufacturing medical devices, will allow the company to bring our innovative hypodermic safety syringe product to market quite cost-competitively.”

“We are confident that the ‘manufacturing-friendly’ design of the Protectus Safety Syringe, together with the manufacturing expertise of Moll Industries, will allow the Protectus device to be priced at the low end of the spectrum on the distributor level as production is scaled up.”