Prosurgics has reported the first sale of a FreeHand laparoscopic camera controller in Georgia, to South Fulton Medical Center.

The company claims that the FreeHand is a 15 lb robotic device that gives surgeons direct control of the laparoscopic camera via a small, lightweight hands-free controller worn on the surgeon’s head.

Bill Perry, president of Prosurgics, said: “We are delighted that FreeHand is being used at South Fulton. In addition to being affordable, FreeHand is the latest in advanced laparoscopic surgery technology and optimizes patient care in numerous surgical specialties. It is used widely in Europe, and this purchase represents another positive step in our expanding US growth.”

Kevin Edmonds, OB/GYN surgeon, said: “The Freehand device facilitates minimally invasive, laparoscopic surgery. Therefore the patient only has three small incisions, each smaller than the tip of your finger. The device gives me and the surgical team the ability to work quickly and efficiently.

“The patient recovers 50% faster than traditional surgical methods and is usually back to regular activities within days. The incision is so small, future scarring is very minimal or none at all.”