Prosurgics Limited has announced the CE mark approval for its novel FreeHand Robotic Camera Holder. Suitable for every laparoscopic procedure, Freehand provides superior visualization and the ability for surgeons to directly control movement of the scope, by means of Prosurgics’ patented “surgeon head movement” interface. FreeHand has already collected innovation awards on both sides of the Atlantic, and growing interest from surgeons, many of whom are increasingly struggling to find reliable assistance. FreeHand is a solution to this need and enables increased throughput and efficiency. Paul Moraviec, Prosurgics CEO commented; “Gaining the CE mark moves Prosurgics to the next phase of our commercialization plan. Surgeons throughout Europe are telling our sales teams that FreeHand addresses their real and unmet needs. With our production volumes ramping up, we are now in a position that we can satisfy this demand and so I expect to see a rapidly growing number of FreeHand surgeons over the next weeks and months. With many US surgeons also wanting to share in the benefits of FreeHand, we hope that its FDA clearance will follow soon.”