The group will draw on expertise developed by the company in its ten years of building custom biomedical data management applications, Prometheus Research said.

HTSQL is a software that translates the language of the web (HTTP) to the language of databases (SQL), providing an instant data services layer on top of a SQL database.

Using HTSQL, the Prometheus Solutions team will be able to prototype, develop and deliver data-driven web applications quickly.

HTSQL makes changing existing applications and adding new features simple, so that HTSQL-based solutions grow with an organisation’s needs.

Prometheus Product Development executive vice president Andrzej Pienczykowski said that HTSQL is the easiest way to access a database and even so, organisations are short-handed when it comes to IT and also said that Prometheus Solutions will help organizations solve key data access problems, going from a concept to a delivered solution in a matter of weeks.

Prometheus Research Informatics, the company’s biomedical applications and informatics services, simplifies development of custom informatics systems for secure access to scientific data.