ICEPlex system is a multiplexed, real-time PCR platform which utilizes formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) specimens for genetic analysis and to classify diffuse large B-Cell lymphoma subgroups.

PrimeraDx president and CEO Matt McManus said in the clinic today there is an unmet need for quantitative, multiplexed, sensitive assays that can use FFPE as a source of tissue for genetic analysis.

"Developing this assay will significantly advance the ability to translate tumor biology into actionable clinical diagnoses," McManus added.

PrimeraDx CSO Lilly Kong said ICEPlex system has the capability of offering single-reaction gene expression profiling.

"We are excited that our technology can revolutionize cancer diagnostics by simplifying complicated, multi-tube, multi-platform tests into a single-tube format," Kong added.

"Additional examples of our unique capabilities in oncology diagnostics include a number of highly multiplexed mutation panels, like KRAS and EGFR, as well as copy number variation with expression, like our cMet/EGFR assay."