Culinda and Prime Healthcare announce the signing of an agreement to use Culinda's security solution for all Prime Healthcare's 45 hospitals and affiliated facilities across 14 states.


Image: Prime Healthcare selects Culinda to provide cybersecurity services. Photo: Courtesy of Kevin Ku/Unsplash.

“I am pleased to announce that Prime Healthcare has chosen Culinda Inc as our provider of cybersecurity solutions for all biomedical devices in our hospitals across the United States,” said Will Conaway, CIO/VP of IT at Prime Healthcare.

Conaway is a member of The Forbes Technology Council, an Ivy League teacher, and an instructor on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Conaway is a sought-after speaker and writer, and has consistently ranked among the top “Hospital and Health System CIOs to Know” according to Becker’s Hospital Review.

Conaway remarks, “Cyber-attacks are not going away, and I expect them to get much worse. The healthcare industry’s records have great value. Cybercriminals can attack unmanaged devices and demand ransom by manipulating items such as IV pumps or pacemakers.”

According to the HIPAA Journal, “The per capita cost of a data breach has risen by 4.8%, from $141 per record in 2017 to $148 per record in 2018.” And, “The highest data breach resolution costs are for healthcare data breaches, which typically cost an average of $408 per record. This is considerably higher than financial services data breaches in second place, which cost an average of $206 per record.”

“Culinda was developed out of a real problem with biomedical device security in healthcare today. The best way to secure biomedical devices is to use a Zero-Trust framework approach embraced by Culinda. This allows you to micro-segment and contain each of your devices on the system and connect it to one comprehensive security network giving you 100% visibility,” said Sreekant Gotti, CEO and Co-Founder of Culinda. “Culinda was developed by healthcare security professionals for healthcare professionals. We deeply understand the industry.”

“Culinda is solving the issue of there not being a one-size-fits-all IoT solution for the healthcare industry’s medical devices,” said Conaway. “Instead of tailored security that goes after a specific challenge, this product is tailored to address the problem holistically.  Security teams need to work on the right issues in order to keep you safe. Culinda’s AI advancements allow for a complete threat detection, and assist with false positives that are a resource drain and increase security costs. This technology delivers the right information to our security team which allows for lightning fast reactions to cyber threats and other malicious activities.”

“In recent years, healthcare organizations have become soft targets from ransomware and other cyber-attacks. Connected medical devices are considered the weakest link in hospital networks, and traditional IT security solutions are not ready to protect these devices due to their focus on standard IT systems. Culinda provides a solution both cost-effectively and in a plug and play format.”

“Prime Healthcare believes that Culinda has the power to detect and block abnormal behavior, even when it does not present a known signature,” Conaway continues.

Source: Company Press Release