Prime Healthcare and Masimo have jointly reported the system-wide conversion of Prime Healthcare's hospitals to Masimo rainbow SET technology.

The system-wide conversion ensures that patients visiting any Prime Healthcare hospital in California will be cared for using the technologically and clinically-advanced oximetry and noninvasive patient monitoring solutions available.

According to the companies, converting Prime Healthcare’s entire hospital system to the Masimo rainbow SET technology platform will standardise multiparameter patient monitors, oximeters, and sensors at 13 hospitals and sites of care throughout California.

Masimo rainbow SET enables noninvasive measurements and patient monitoring capabilities that provide real-time results for critical blood constituents and physiological parameters that help clinicians to more rapidly assess, diagnose, and treat patients.

The conversion also facilitates the installation of Masimo SpHb-enabled monitors which enables clinicians to quickly measure hemoglobin levels noninvasively and continuously track them in real-time to detect low or falling hemoglobin levels that could be the result of internal bleeding.

Masimo founder and CEO Joe Kiani said that Prime Healthcare is a great example of a growing trend where healthcare systems and hospital networks are leveraging advanced noninvasive medical technologies like Masimo rainbow SET to help improve patient care, outcomes, and safety.