Presidiohealth, a provider of mobile computing performance management solutions for healthcare providers, has launched PerformCycle, a new patient care management tool that provides an interactive, measurable action plan for pediatric asthma patients.

The PerformCycle platform combines evidence-based care guidelines, the Asthma Action Plan, and post-care patient tracking (CareTracker) solutions to offer home monitoring of a child’s post-care progress and share direct patient feedback with healthcare providers in the emergency department and the pediatrics office.

The basic service delivers daily monitoring and reminders via two way communication with text message and e-mail for patients.

Presidiohealth founder and president Douglas Evans said that by combining the company’s PerformCycle solutions with the exploding marketplace of mobile apps, they expect to offer health care providers and their patient communities new tools for enhancing care quality and clinical outcomes.

Presidiohealth said that PerformCycle will be available immediately to pediatric asthma patients at California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC), and later this year the company plans to eventually expand to other high-cost-burden diseases.