Presbia, a medical device company developing a corneal inlay optical micro-lens solution for presbyopia, has signed exclusive distribution agreements for its Flexivue Microlens solution with three ophthalmological distributors- Forniture Attrezzature Scientifiche Sanitarie (FASS) in Italy, Lasermed in Turkey, and Andrec in Colombia.

With the agreements, ophthalmologists in the three countries have the ability to offer the Flexivue Microlens to presbyopic patients and easily incorporate Presbia’s solution into their practice, thereby eliminating the patients’ reliance on reading glasses. The agreements make Presbia’s solution readily available to the mass market.

Based in Torino, Italy, FASS is an ophthalmic device distributor that has been in operation for more than 20 years in the ophthalmological field. The firm specializes in implantable devices including intraocular lenses and inlays.

Zohar Loshitzer, CEO of Presbia, said: “FASS., Lasermed, and Andrec have an established and extensive client base of renowned surgeons and surgical centers, which will ensure the rapid integration of Presbia’s solution into the day-to-day recommendations and procedures of doctors in Italy, Turkey and Colombia for the treatment of this common vision ailment.”

Emilio Nebiolo, managing director at FASS, said: “The current solutions available for presbyopia do not provide satisfactory results and they frequently cause distortions in vision; however, Presbia now offers an effective alternative with the Flexivue Microlens. Due to its innovative technology, this procedure is both upgradable as well as reversible for patients. To be the exclusive distributor of this product within Italy is very exciting for our company.”

Alpaslan Arkis, CEO of Lasermed, said: “After consulting with leading ophthalmologists, we have decided to represent Presbia’s Flexivue Microlens due to its verifiable clinical results in providing a documented solution for presbyopia. We have seen huge interest from refractive surgeons in Turkey about this product, and we are excited to partner with Presbia to promote this innovative technology, which we see as a tremendous opportunity for everyone.”

Headquartered in Bogota, Colombia, Andrec Corporation is a multi-national distributor of medical equipment, including ophthalmic devices. Andrec is the first distributor for the Flexivue Microlens outside of the EU.