Premier, a healthcare group purchasing organization, has awarded a contract to Masimo to supply Masimo's SedLine brain function monitoring system, designed to help improve care of patients under anesthesia or sedation.

The system, which continuously measures brain activity on both sides of the brain, provides real-time information about a patient’s response to anesthesia and allows anesthesia provider deliver the desired level of targeted sedation throughout all phases of anesthesia – in the OR and ICU.

In addition to providing dependable monitoring during challenging conditions such as electrocautery, the company claims that SedLine’s Density Spectral Array enables immediate detection of asymmetrical activity.

Masimo sales, marketing and clinical research president Jon Coleman said, "We are happy that Premier recognizes the utility of our high fidelity brain function monitor to measure the varying stages of consciousness for sedated patients."

The contract, which is effective from 31 July 2015, allows Premier members to purchase SedLine monitor through Masimo’s direct sales and clinical education team.