Surfx Technologies provides high-speed atmospheric plasma technology to treat medical devices, microfluidics, microelectro-mechanical systems (MEMS), plastics and composites, semiconductors, sensors and solar cells.

The company said the plasma units provide a beam of plasma for materials processing at atmospheric pressure and low temperatures.

The clean reactive gas flows over and through micro-structured materials, thus treating surfaces without any damage.

The acquisition allows Surfx to built new market opportunities not only in the US but also in SE Asia.

Precision Mechatronics CEO Jason Thelander said while we will push sales of the Atomflo Plasma Unit, a portable device treating parts with a powerful gas beam in seconds, we will also offer substantial backup for system integration and process engineering.

"Our expertise combined with Surfx’ plasma technology will enable us to not only sell a product, but offer complete turn-key solutions including process engineering and automation solutions to manufacturers," Thelander said.