Positron Corporation, a molecular imaging solutions company focused on nuclear cardiology, is planning to exhibit cardiac optimized Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanner Attrius at the Society of Nuclear Medicine Meeting (SNM) in Salt Lake City.

According to Positron, with the continued uncertainty of the worlds Molybdenum supply and recent increase in PET reimbursement and decrease in SPECT reimbursement, cardiac PET has seen a significant rise in demand as doctors and hospitals look toward modalities that offer better medicine to their patients while decreasing operational costs.

Joseph Oliverio, chief technology officer, said: “The demand for Cardiovascular PET imaging is rapidly increasing as it enables the physician to provide better patient care through a more accurate diagnosis, the potential to reduce unnecessary downstream procedures and limit radiation exposure.

“The Attrius has a small footprint, standard cardiovascular software package, competitive scan times and an affordable cost of entry making the Attrius the right choice for enhancing the capabilities of a Cardiovascular practices.”

Positron other products include: Pulse, a SPECT imaging device; Nuclear Pharm-Assist, an automated radiopharmaceutical distribution device; and Tech-Assist, a radiopharmaceutical injection shield.