According to Positron, with the continued uncertainty of the worlds Molybdenum supply and recent increase in PET reimbursement and decrease in SPECT reimbursement, cardiac PET has seen a significant rise in demand as doctors and hospitals look toward modalities that offer better medicine to their patients while decreasing operational costs.

Joseph Oliverio, chief technology officer, said: “The demand for Cardiovascular PET imaging is rapidly increasing as it enables the physician to provide better patient care through a more accurate diagnosis, the potential to reduce unnecessary downstream procedures and limit radiation exposure.

“The Attrius has a small footprint, standard cardiovascular software package, competitive scan times and an affordable cost of entry making the Attrius the right choice for enhancing the capabilities of a Cardiovascular practices.”

Positron other products include: Pulse, a SPECT imaging device; Nuclear Pharm-Assist, an automated radiopharmaceutical distribution device; and Tech-Assist, a radiopharmaceutical injection shield.