Positron said that the Tech-Assist, invented under the direction of John Zehner, a nuclear pharmacist, reduces exposure to the worker while injecting radiopharmaceuticals into patients when performing Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging studies.

Currently utilized at several institutions to reduce or eliminate radiation exposure, the Tech-Assist can accept single syringes from a nuclear pharmacy or can be combined with other Positron equipment such as the Nuclear Pharm-Assist to dispense unit doses from a vial. The Tech-Assist fully compliments the Attrius, Positron’s cardiac and whole body PET scanner.

John Zehner, COO and radiation safety officer of Positron, said: “The Tech-Assist is an affordable solution to reduce or eliminate exposure caused by the process of injecting PET isotopes. Many new F-18 agents have the potential to increase exposure to the worker, reducing the exposure from a new agent will allow that agent to become widely utilized.

“F-18 agents are expected to increase in use for multiple applications, including Cardiac and whole body bone imaging. This patent provides Positron the protection to grow this market segment and demonstrates Positron’s dedication to improving Nuclear Medicine through innovation.”