Positron’s radioactive material handling license allows it to test equipment and develop new medical technologies, including pharmaceuticals. Positron said that its staff demonstrated the necessary expertise and protocol to receive this license.

Indiana based Positron focused on Nuclear Cardiology utilizes its product line to provide solutions to the nuclear medicine community ranging from imaging systems to radiopharmaceutical distribution. Positron has been dedicated in improving the diagnostic process in oncology, neurology, and cardiology.

Positron products include the Attrius, a PET imaging device, the Pulse, a SPECT imaging device, the Nuclear Pharm-Assist, an automated radiopharmaceutical distribution device and the Tech-Assist, a radiopharmaceutical injection shield.

John Zehner, COO and radiation safety officer of Positron, said: “A radioactive material license directly benefits our current product line and increases our ability to deliver new technologies. The ability to handle radioactive material will enhance our sales efforts, allow new revenue streams, as well as, offer new opportunities to partner with pharmaceutical companies, Government agencies, inventors and universities.”