Positron Corporation, a molecular imaging company specializing in the field of nuclear cardiology, is planning to introduce its automated radiopharmaceutical system, PosiRx.

Positron’s PosiRx system, formerly referred to as Cardio-Assist during its developmental stage, is a radiopharmaceutical system that automates the elution, preparation and dispensing processes for radiopharmaceutical agents used in molecular imaging.

Positron CEO Patrick Rooney said PosiRx offers capabilities that enhance each segment of the value chain from pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacy’s and the physician practice or hospital whereby improving the efficiency, economics, availability and safety of radiopharmaceutical preparation.

Positron’s PosiRx will be handling technetium 99m SPECT imaging agents which supports company’s overall strategy of simplifying and improving radiopharmaceutical dose preparation and delivery.

The PosiRx system provides molecular imaging departments with 24/7 unit dose accessibility, combined with the reliability of an on-site supply, and assists in compliance with all current USP-797 requirements for the production of unit dose radiopharmaceuticals.