PosiRx performs the complex series of steps involved in the preparation and manufacturing of unit dose SPECT pharmaceuticals such as technetium 99/sestamibi.

The system was designed to meet stringent standards for compounding that include; air quality (ISO class 5), ensuring proper radiochemical purity of kits, adherence to ALARA principles for shielding the process within the equipment, product sterility, volume and activity dose accuracy through calibration, molybdenum breakthrough testing of generator elutions and basic usability.

PosiRx is the next generation of technology based on further development of the Nuclear Pharm-Assist line of pharmacy PET dispensing machines for the automation of FDG unit dose deliver.

The PosiRx system provides a solution that is tailored to a wide set of users in the SPECT market that includes pharmacies, hospitals and private practices that perform diagnostic imaging.