“As CDEX overcame the scientific hurdles associated with our product lines, two years ago we agreed that I would transition to a support role for the company allowing me more time to pursue other interests,” said Wade Poteet. “In January 2008 I started the transition by reducing my work schedule and, after passing my 65th birthday, will now complete the transition by going to a project based consulting role with the company. I am very proud of the progress of the entire CDEX Team over the past seven years in taking a technology from a dream to where we have two very good product lines making differences in peoples’ lives today. Those at CDEX are very much like family and I wish them well in the future.”

“Dr. Poteet is one of the founding leaders of CDEX,” said Malcolm Philips, founding CDEX chief executive officer. “He has been very instrumental in moving the CDEX technology to a mature science that forms the basis for expansion of our current product lines and development of new applications. Wade combines a strong scientific mind with practical hands-on development, and is rounded out by his outside interests, including being a grandfather, rancher, member of his Church Choir, bible study leader and musician who has played over 2820 gigs in the Tucson area. It is that unique and humble personality that will be sorely missed in the office. We wish Wade well and know that we will continue to see him frequently.”