PositiveID Corp, has filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office a non-provisional patent application for its iGlucose system, currently under development, which uses wireless SMS messaging to automatically communicate a diabetic patient’s blood glucose levels from any data-capable glucose meter to an online database.

PositiveID said that the iGlucose system is designed to communicate automatically with a wide variety of glucometers by utilizing electronics and stored information that will query and recognize a particular glucometer when connected to the device. With the iGlucose system, there is no downloading, dialing, computer, software or cell phone needed to complete the transmission.

The iGlucose system also addresses obstacles in SMS data transmission. Blood glucose and other data must be packed into a buffer to make efficient use of the available bits, since SMS text messages are limited to 140 characters in a single message. Due to SMS transmission limitations, iGlucose utilizes data compression software and encryption algorithms to overcome the challenges.

Scott Silverman, chairman and CEO of PositiveID, said: “We are pleased to file this patent application to protect the key technology underlying the iGlucose System. We believe iGlucose has the potential to revolutionize the way diabetics and their healthcare providers manage this widespread disease through more effective and consistent communication of blood sugar levels.”