PositiveID said that iGlucose system creates a small cradle that connects to any data-capable glucose meter to automatically communicate a diabetic’s blood sugar readings to the iGlucose online database.

The iGlucose system is a stand-alone, self-contained unit that automatically queries a diabetic user’s data-capable glucometer for blood glucose data and sends that data via encrypted SMS text messaging to an online database.

The iGlucose system functions without the use of a cell phone, wireless network, telephone line or personal computer. At the patient’s discretion, blood glucose data can also be forwarded to physicians and caregivers at predetermined intervals.

Scott Silverman, chairman and CEO of PositiveID, said: “We are pleased to complete the initial prototype of the iGlucose system ahead of schedule and we are intently focused on bringing this product to market. We believe iGlucose can play an important role in diabetic care, helping patients to take a proactive role in managing their disease on a macro level, which could not only improve the condition of their disease but also reduce costs to the healthcare system and insurers.”