PositiveID has reported GlucoChip positive preliminary results from its biotransport research study with the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI) at the University of Miami.

GlucoChip, a glucose-sensing implantable microchip, is designed to assess patients with diabetes and is currently under development with its partner, Receptors.

The preliminary results showed that glucose readily passes from body fluids through the membrane as the interface between the in vivo environment and the glucose sensing device.

Based on the biocompatibility and biotransport study positive results and in order to complete development of GlucoChip, PositiveID will now incorporate the glucose-sensing system with a micro-electromechanical system signal transduction unit and the electronics of a radio frequency identification microchip.

Receptors president and CSO Robert Carlson said they are currently implementing the next phase of these studies, which will focus in more detail on both the kinetics of transport, which will determine how quickly the device will be able to respond to changes in glucose levels in the body, and on the long-term biocompatibility of the membrane.