PolyRemedy, a provider of personalised wound care systems, has appointed Jeffrey Tingle as the new vice president of Software Development and also named Heath Umbach as the director of Product Management.

Jeffrey Tingle, in his new role, will lead the development of the software solutions infrastructure for PolyRemedy’s new generation of wound care management systems.

However, Heath Umbach will be responsible for leading the design and marketing of the company’s new generation of integrated products and services.

PolyRemedy is also opening a new office in Boston, which will become headquarters for commercial operations as well as product and clinical development.

The company said that will continue to support materials science development and manufacturing of personalised wound dressings in its Mountain View, CA facility.

PolyRemedy president and CEO Mark Carbeau said that with human capital in both Boston and Silicon Valley, they are now located at the intersection of technology and academic medicine.

“This presence on both coasts will enhance collaboration and accelerate product development as we link healthcare information technology with care delivery,” Carbeau said.