TriPollar Stop is part of the TriPollar product line developed by Pollogen for home users.


Image: Pollogen’s home-use device TriPollar Stop. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsfoto/Pollogen Ltd.

FDA has cleared Pollogen’s RF home-use device – TriPollar Stop – for sale in the US. TriPollar Stop, the innovative home-use device developed by Pollogen, is based on the company’s clinically-proven, patented RF technology, and has enjoyed broad market acceptance outside the US over the last few years.

“TriPollar Stop has been our flagship product for the home market,” says Sharon Ravid, CEO of Pollogen, “and we are very excited about the opportunity to offer this device to home users in the US.”

The TriPollar Stop device is indicated for the treatment of the face and the neck, eliminating aging signs, reducing lines and wrinkles and improving skin strength, texture and elasticity. By implementing Pollogen’s innovation of triple-axis RF waves, the device introduces heat to the dermis, which induces regeneration of the basic building blocks of the skin – collagen and elastin fibers. Results are visible immediately after the treatment and can be maintained via a cycle of repeated treatments.

TriPollar Stop is part of the TriPollar product line developed by Pollogen for home users. This exclusive product line is based on Pollogen’s innovative technologies, all tried and tested by clinicians in the professional aesthetic device market. The ingenuity of the TriPollar line lies in the company’s ability to take these technologies and present them to the users in a handy, comfortable device without compromising on the safety and the quality of results.

The TriPollar home-use devices, are created with the company’s innovative development concept of Intelligent Biology – achieving the desired aesthetic results by encouraging the natural processes of the body for renewal and rejuvenation. “We believe that home users today are not only concerned with the beauty per se but also seek health and ethics,” explains Ravid. “All the TriPollar products work in sync under the umbrella of Intelligent Biology to achieve skin health and improvement in the most natural way our body can offer.”

Pollogen Ltd., a company of Lumenis, is a global leader in the medical and home-based aesthetics markets, providing innovative, safe, and effective solutions that enhance and expand the practice of medical aesthetics professionals, as well as private aesthetic customers.

The company offers products to support a range of skin treatments, based on its proprietary technologies, namely Tripollar RF, Voluderm, Trifractional, Oxygeneo and DMA. Pollogen provides solutions for professionals and consumers in more than 60 countries, addressing the specific needs of its professional clients and private customers in the dynamic aesthetic industry.

Source: Company Press Release