Platinum Equity has purchased all the assests of a company specialized in delivering products and services to the healthcare industry, DMS Health Technologies from Otter Tail.

DMS Health distributes Philips Healthcare’s diagnostic imaging equipment and patient monitoring equipment in the upper Midwest and sells supplies and accessories, and reconditioned equipment, ultrasound and biomedical and diagnostic imaging parts nationwide.

DMS Health also provides mobile, interim and fixed-site diagnostic imaging solutions including MRI, CT, PET/CT, nuclear medicine and digital mammography systems to hospitals, clinics and other medical providers.

DMS Health Technologies CEO Paul Wilson said Platinum Equity’s acquisition of DMS Health Technologies comes at a critical juncture for the company and is very excited about the operational expertise that Platinum brings to the table.

"With Platinum’s support we will continue delivering high-quality solutions and exceptional customer service to the medical device and imaging marketplace," Wilson added.