Plasma Technologies has entered into an agreement with Wellborn, Kyle, Pilkinton, Fry, PC (wkpf), a Texas-based corporation, giving it rights to distribute the Plasma NO device in Mexico and South America.

As part of this agreement Plasma has received $1m in equity funding and $1m in distribution fees from wkpf.

The $2m in funding and fees will be used to further the research, development and commercialisation of Plasma Sterilizer technology developed by AJ Drexel Plasma Institute and Drexel’s School of Biomedical Engineering, Science and Health Systems, and licensed by Drexel University to Plasma.

wkpf director Chief Bear said with their established network in Mexico, Central and South America, they feel sure that Plasma will be a dominant force in the medical plasma market.

Community and Governmental Relations vice president Bert Quintanilla said that the funding and partnership provide Plasma with the necessary resources to commercialise Plasma Sterilizer and Plasma NO technologies. Plasma Sterilizer applications will enable sterilization of bacteria such as MRSA and E Coli on living tissue and Plasma NO will promote quicker healing of living tissue.

wkpf is an international consulting firm created for financing of commercial projects, strategic planning and development of commercial projects.