Plasma Surgical, a provider of surgical technologies, has launched its new PlasmaJet Ultra System.

The new PlasmaJet Ultra System is a neutral plasma surgery system used during hemostatic cutting and coagulation of tissue in open and laparoscopic surgery.

The system provides surgeons with an electrically neutral surgical option which does not require a grounding pad and also aids patients to get rid off the risk of alternate site burns.

Atlanta Center Special Pelvic Surgery and Reproductive Medicine director Ceana Nezhat said the PlasmaJet Ultra offers surgeons an option for precise cutting and coagulation of tissue and the ability to excise or ablate endometriosis and endometriomas without the risk of damage to sensitive tissues and organs in close proximity to the tissue being removed.

Plasma Surgical president and CEO Peter Gibson said the PlasmaJet Ultra further optimizes the approach to provide a virtual scalpel with a more precise cut surrounded by a more effective zone of coagulation capability.