Pioneer Surgical Technology has launched Contact Anterior Lumbar Plate (ALP)that provides a one-step locking mechanism along with back-out protection and controlled screw toggle.

Pioneer Surgical said that this plate was designed for optimum synergy with Contact PEEK Anterior Interbody Spacer.

Pioneer’s Anterior Lumbar Plate System treats degenerative conditions of the lumbar spine. With a plate specifically designed to correspond to the lumbar spinal anatomy, this system has the lowest profile of any anterior lumbar plate system and can be implanted mid-line or laterally between any two vertebrae in the lumbar region, including the sacrum.

Chip Bao, CTO of Pioneer Surgical Technology, said: “We have been extremely pleased with the positive responses we have received from our product evaluators. This product completes the Pioneer solution for anterior fusion procedures and the unique instrumentation platform provides the opportunity for greater OR efficiency.”