In 2007, Pioneer had acquired two biologic companies’ intellectual property, facilities, and highly trained staff to enter the orthopedic biologics market. Over the past two years Pioneer has expanded to a full line of biologic products including differentiated synthetic and DBM based bone grafts as well as machined and traditional allografts in spine.

Pioneer Biologics continues to invest in product development and clinical efficacy to expand support of orthopedics and spine markets.

Shane Ray, general manager of Pioneer Orthobiologics, said: “The spinal biologics market is unique, highly technical, and requires specialized support. We continue to invest in the spine and orthopedics market with the expansion of our product specialist program completing our coverage of the US.

“Pioneer’s product utilising nanOss nanocrystalline and collagen based technologies compete well in spine and general orthopedics. We are also excited about our new biologic products in the pipeline to further expand our presence worldwide.”