Belmont Instrument has received the Airworthiness Release Certifcate (AWR) for its buddy lite Fluid Warmer from the US Army’s Research Development and Engineering Command.

The Belmont buddy lite is a miniature battery-powered dry heat fluid warmer, features a tiny ingenious disposable with safety features including a large air-venting membrane and flow control valves to prevent air entrainment.

The system is designed for automated temperature regulation and automated priming.

The US Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory (USAARL) has performed laboratory testing as well as in-flight assessments to determine the airworthiness of the buddy lite, which measure the safety of a medical device under a variety of flight conditions.

The USAARL evaluation includes electromagnetic interference and compatibility, extreme temperatures, vibration, exposure to dust, altitude, device usability, rapid decompression and acceleration, and crash durability.