The Canadian Intellectual Property Office has granted a patent notice of allowance to Picomole Instruments' new infrared laser-based breath analysis technology.

The new technology allows laboratory clinicians to use a portable device for the analysis of exhaled breath which may contain several volatile compounds linked to breast cancer, lung cancer, kidney disease and many other life-threatening diseases.

The company said the non-invasive technology has the ability to detect hundreds of volatile compounds found in breath at parts-per-billion levels and below within minutes.

Picomole Instruments founder and CEO John Cormier said notification that the patent will be issued in Canada validates seven years of research and development by the company’s team of scientists and engineers.

"Our infrared laser-based technology is unique and clearly differentiated from other gas analysis technologies," Cormier added.

"Today”s press release builds on the U.S. Patent Notice of Allowance we recently announced, and further strengthens our ability to broadly protect our proprietary technology as we develop clinical applications."