AirStrip Technologies, a provider of mobile medical software applications, and Physio-Control, a provider of emergency medical solutions, have entered into a joint partnership to deliver integrated lifesaving mobile solutions.

The partnership integrates AirStrip’s remote patient monitoring applications with Physio-Control’s patient data transmission network, mobilising critical information, resulting in better-informed clinical decision making and improved patient outcomes.

The fully-integrated solution will leverage the capabilities of AirStrip Cardiology, a solution allowing clinicians to view a patient’s ECG history, and Physio-Control’s Lifenet System, a web-based data transmission network that provides healthcare organisations with tools to help them improve operational efficiency and quality of care.

AirStrip Cardiology and the Lifenet System used together will allow for collaboration between emergency medical services (EMS), emergency department (ED), and Cardiology teams, when transporting patients experiencing acute myocardial infarction (AMI) or ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI).

The integrated solution helps clinicians to communicate with the EMS crew to provide the clinical assistance needed properly for the patient care, direct them to the appropriate care facility and prepare for the arrival of the patient accordingly.

Physio-Control president Brian Webster said that with complementary solutions in the marketplace, their partnership with AirStrip takes EMS-hospital coordination to a whole new level.

“I expect this collaboration will lead to new and innovative ways to display patient information in the future, beyond 12-lead ECGs and other vital signs,” Webster said.